Welcome to my blog!

Well, okay. Let me introduce myself-

My name is Ann Mason. I’m an attorney, but I’m also (wait for it) an aspiring writer. My first novel THE VISITOR will be published by the Quake imprint of Echelon Press in 2011, and I’m thrilled!

THE VISITOR is a story of clashing cultures and how one ordinary girl gets entangled in the personal, political and religious conflicts of a world she doesn’t understand and which doesn’t understand her. For Elizabeth, survival’s not the only challenge-in the end, she must make a decision that will help determine the future of her species.

Sound cool enough? I hope so-I had a lot of fun writing Elizabeth’s story. And stay tuned for further posts on the joys and hair-tearing traumas of writing-my next post will be titled “Cave Crickets and Plot Holes.” (Yep, I’m serious).

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