When life sends you lemons…

You make lemonade. Right?

The same thing applies to writing. For instance-one day I was agonizing over the perfect hair color for the main character in my most recent work in progress. I was looking for something in the brown range-not chestnut, it’s been done to death and I was looking for something a little more unusual.

Well, I exercise every morning on a stationary bike while watching TV. Anyway, in their infinite wisdom, our cable carrier decided to throw us a lemon; they said we needed boxes to maintain our service. So for a while we were just getting these little blue screens on the set telling us to call the company to obtain said boxes.

But as a world-class procrastinator, I decided to make do with the reduced (read non-existent) service, at least for a while. And our company accidentally let one channel slip through the cracks-the Jewel Network.

Now I’m not the type who drools over gems, but I like to look at them the same way I look at pretty colors in a crayon box or on a painter’s palette-because they give me ideas. And on one particular show they were featuring a dusky, golden-brown gem called smoky quartz.

So guess who now has smoky quartz hair? My heroine, of course. And let’s hope that the description’s not so purple that it doesn’t make it through final edits.

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