Okay, after mulling over this all night I finally have it-my super cool, awesome, kick-off-the-new-year contest!

The deal is this-you have to become a blog follower (hey, it’s not so bad-I promise I’ll do my best to entertain :).

Secondly, you have to post in the “comments” section a one-sentence summary of your favorite book of 2010. Genre doesn’t matter, length doesn’t matter, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction doesn’t matter. I just want to see that one sentence.
The winner will be judged on creativity, correct use of grammar, all that good stuff.

And the winner gets a ten dollar Amazon gift certificate paid for by yours truly. Hey, you can get some great Kindle downloads with that!

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday, January 5th. The winner will be announced on January 7th, and he/she will have to provide me an e-mail address to send the gift cert.

So come on-you’ve got nothing to lose! And isn’t it about time you started filling up that e-reader?

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