Go Pac Go!

So okay. I’m a New York Jets fan, but to prevent myself from being devastated/depressed/disillusioned by yesterday’s loss, I am wearing a new hat. My Green Bay Packer one, to be exact. Just so you know, my kids each have a cheesehead, and we did tour beautiful Lambeau field last November, so I consider myself an honorary fan. Even though we live in New York, and if the Jetsies had won I’d be trading this hat for another :).

In other news, I’ve finished book number two and am mulling over ideas for book number three. Problem is, the cold makes me want to hibernate-it was six degrees this morning, which in my opinion is perfect weather for crawling into a cave, wrapping myself up in a really nice goosedown quilt, and snoring away the hours to spring.

In other words, my writing’s taking a back seat to winter-induced laziness. And basement ping pong games. And downloading new reads to the Kindle that officially belongs to my daughter, but which I’ve appropriated for my own amusement.

Oh, and rooting for the Packers.

So what are you guys up to?

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