Trunked bits, naughty bits

Today I thought I’d try something new-get people to post bits of their trunked novels. My theory is that in every abandoned draft there’s a bit we’d like to preserve. A favorite character, a description, a scene. I’ve recycled a few characters and storylines from my first trunker, and for the entertainment of my reading public I’m posting a paragraph or two below:

“On the day Brittany Halloran’s life changed forever, there were signs. Small disappearances that only someone who knew a lot about the seventeen year old girl would recognize. Little things.
Her MySpace page vanishing into cyberspace. Here one minute, gone the next. Followed by all of her entries on Facebook. Photos of her, entries about the latest school projects, the latest parties, sucked into a void. Her blog, a casually kept thing with smatterings of poetry, philosophical ramblings, and the odd original thought, was the next to go.
Followed, not much later, by the disappearance of Brittany Halloran herself.”

If you want to post a bit of your own “trunker,” feel free to do so in the comments section-the only requirement is that it be kinda sorta PG rated, since I’m writing for the YA crowd (most of whom are probably more sophisticated than I am, but still :).

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