Sample Sunday!

This is a sample of my first stab at a paranormal YA. Enjoy!

The first time I knew I was different was this one afternoon in bio class. And no, I don’t mean that I looked down at myself and realized my bits were different from my lab partner’s; I wasn’t that dumb or that perverted. No, it was something else entirely.
“Unwrap your cotton swab.” Mrs. Bailey intoned. She was the kind of teacher who intoned instead of talked, her narrow mouth pronouncing the words like they were struggling free from somewhere deep in her gut. “And you’re going to put it in your mouth-stop it, Tyler, we’re not auditioning Deep Throat here-and sweep it along the inside of your cheek. Then transfer it to the slide.”
I did as instructed, like the good little girl I was. From down the aisle Tyler tried to catch my eye-I didn’t know what the hell he thought he was doing, but if he swallowed the swab accidentally I wouldn’t have cared. Next to me Lance shook his head. “Moron.”
I grinned and rubbed the bit of saliva over the slide. “Jealous much?”
He shook his head. “Don’t be so full or yourself, beotch.”
“Can’t help it.” I took the little bit of plastic and placed it beneath the microscope. “It’s not every day you get invited to the holiday dance by an actual senior. When you’re a freshman. You know.”
“You’re kidding, right? Freshman girls are, like, bait for guys like Sam Dawson.” He reached over to help me straighten the slide, his fingers trembling slightly as they brushed mine. “Just be careful. Okay?”
“Will do, mom.”
“And don’t forget to add the stain, genius. I mean, really.”

Note-this is very much a WIP, so forgive the rough spots.

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4 Responses to Sample Sunday!

  1. theaatkinson says:

    nice foray into the fray, Annikay. keep at it!

  2. Marian Allen says:

    Oh, boy, keep this up! I love your character’s voice, and the way you communicate a lot more of what’s going on than you actually put into words. 🙂

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