Review of Jen Wylie’s “The Forgotten Echo.”

When Cassy leaves work for the day, she never imagines that her life is about to end. But end it does, in a flurry of bullets from a drive-by shooting. Lying on the pavement, feeling her lifeblood seep away, she’s suddenly approached by delicate flamelike creatures who inspire her to hold on. And that’s just the beginning of Jen Wylie’s “The Forgotten Echo,” a thrilling, sensual story about a young woman transformed into an Echo by an Immortal (who happens to be an extraordinarily cute paranormal guy).

As an Echo, she learns that she’s supposed to provide energy to her Immortal to insure his survival. But he never calls on her. It’s only when she finds out he’s imprisoned-and rescues him with a kiss-that the two are reunited. And the sparks fly. Boy, do they fly!

Jen Wylie has a gift for creating an utterly convincing world populated by characters who live and breathe on and off the page. For me, I can’t wait for the next installment of Cassy’s tale. And once you start, you won’t either. Five stars!

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