It’s been a while…

Well, so much for my new year’s resolution to blog at least once a week.  I guess it was only a matter of time before that sucker got broken, along with a few other resolutions that shall remain nameless :).

Anyway, in the spirit of springtime, I’m having a contest!  This one’s easy-you just put your user name in the comments section, and I’ll do a kind of random selection (maybe write down the names and put them in a hat-yep, that’s as high tech as I usually get).

And now for the prize-a copy of the horror anthology “Splatter-An Anthology of Horror.”  There’s a couple of shorts in there from yours truly, and it’s a cool collection overall.  If you want a preview, check out the listing on  They even have a “look inside” feature, so you can get a preview.

Winner will be announced next Friday!

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