Revisions, WIP and other news

Summer’s here bringing good cheer, as my mother used to say when she had to wake me up for summer camp. Well, I’m not in camp anymore, but there’s some good cheer on the writing front…

For one, my Quake debut has been retitled “Dangerous Waters,” which fits my underwater dystopian to a tee. The pub date’s been moved to September, which is excellent-gives me a little more time to get the word out.

In other news, INSTINCT is undergoing a complete revision based on some excellent agent feedback. As per my usual modus operandi, I started out slow, but now I’m happy to report that I’m finally kicking in to full gear. I’m hoping to have something critique-group worthy by mid-July. Stay tuned!

And last but not least, my WIP’s shaping up…interestingly. Basically it boils down to depressed teen gets summer job that isn’t quite what it seems. The tone’s definitely shaping up as horror, though that might change in rewrites.

So what’s up with all you writers out there?

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