Entered a crit round

for Miss Snark’s First Victim. For those of you who don’t know, the lovely and talented Authoress runs a wonderful blog called Miss Snark’s First Victim, packed with awesome tips, advice and contests for writers.

Anyway, this particular round allows you to enter a 250 word snippet of dialog from a completed novel or work in progress. Ten entrants will be randomly selected via lottery for posting and crits.

I decided to enter a bit from my WIP. So far it’s shaping up as YA sci-fi/horror, with a main character who is…how shall I put this…not the most likeable (well, I like her, but she’s mine, so…)

So, the story. Irene (named before the hurricane, by the way) gets this great summer job. The pay is great, her supervisor’s hot, and it all seems awesome. Until girls start turning up dead, and she realizes that somehow or other, she’s connected. And she’s not sure that she minds.

Yep, not likeable. But fun.

I’ll update if I make it into the next round. Stay tuned!

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