I hate surprises

Well, let’s put it this way-I’ve never been the sort of person who liked horror movies. Especially those scenes where the ax-wielding loon leaps out from behind a door, or waits until the heroine is wiping the mist from her bathroom mirror before revealing himself in all his bloody dead glory.

Anyway, my surprises are of the more mundane variety. Like when I was clearing laundry out of the washer and saw something I thought was an old sock. Except for the fact that socks don’t have tiny pink feet. Or a tail. Or bones you can actually feel when you, um, prod it (yes, it was that last part that almost made me lose my lunch).

So anyway, in honor of dead mice in the machine (sounds like a really bad garage band) I’m launching the “gross surprise” contest!

To win, just enter your most disgusting surprise story in the comments section. The winner will be judged by an impartial panel (me and my two kids-hey, resources are limited) and the winner gets a twenty dollar Amazon gift certificate.

Contest ends next Monday (September 19th) and the winner will be announced on Wednesday.

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