Your inner editor

One of my favorite shows is “Hell’s Kitchen.” For those of you who don’t watch, this is the show where Gordon Ramsay runs a competition to choose someone to be an executive chef at one of his new restaurants. And his techniques are a bit…unorthodox. Let’s just say that cursing, screaming and throwing dishes have proven to be wonderful incentives :). And “it’s rot-ten!” has become a rallying cry in our house (I’m not sure if Ramsay actually said this during the show, but it definitely sounds like something he’d say).

So I got to thinking about inner editors. Sometimes mine acts like a Gordon Ramsay, shouting “it’s rot-ten!” when I struggle through a particularly difficult bit. Sometimes it doesn’t shout at loudly, but it’s always there.

So what’s your inner editor like? Loud or soft? Harsh or kind? And what works better for you?

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