On short stories and contests…

Once in a while I turn my hand toward writing shorts. They’re not easy–you’re talking about creating a defined story arc with hook, strong middle and resolution, all in the space of maybe 5,000 words (more or less).

Anyway, I entered one of my stories in the ebookmall short story competition, which is being touted as “American Idol” for writers. It’s a cool idea–writers enter their stories, which are published and made available through the website. The end result is a combination of strength of story and strength of social media contacts. Social media and I are a little like oil and water (read–I almost never update my Facebook page and I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter) but there seems to be a stronger push nowadays for writers to maintain a social media presence.

So I entered. Hey, who knows? Maybe this experience will turn me into a Twitter guru :). My story can be found via this link: http://www.ebookmall.com/author/ann-mason. The download is free, and there’s a lot of great stories on there, so check it out!

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One Response to On short stories and contests…

  1. Excellent post. I certainly love this website.
    Keep writing!

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