Gah! It’s been how many months?!

Since I’ve updated my blog? I don’t want to know :).

Anyway, I’m doing Nanowrimo. Really doing it. I’m at 31,000 words as of this date, and since the goal is 50,000 by November 30th, I’m feeling fairly optimistic. Barring any weirdness in the next couple of weeks, I should be able to finish.

What’s it about, you ask? Well, even if you haven’t, I’ll tell you :). It started out as a kind of Silence of the Lambs YA concept, with a girl forming a relationship with a serial killer. It’s since taken a pretty big detour. The best way I can describe it as “Shutter Island” for teens.

(If you haven’t read “Shutter Island” head to your local library or bookstore and pick up a copy. Really. It’s that good).

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